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Maple Tree House is a premium Korean barbeque restaurant chain operating in Korea since 2005.

Starting from a quaint small house in Seoul, we began our journey in becoming a “must go” premium barbeque destination for both Koreans and foreigners alike.

With the success of the Samchong-dong location, our growth commenced, leading to Strategically opened Maple Tree House locations throughout Seoul

Currently with 3 locations, we have established Maple Tree House as one of the most popular Restaurant brands for quality meat lovers who appreciate a modern twist to a traditional Korean dining concept.

Our uniqueness begins with our menu. All our meats are of the highest quality, and treated with the utmost respect and care.

Our premium beef cuts are aged perfectly to bolster flavor and further tenderize the already tender cuts. Our pork is chilled fresh and carefully stored in optimum conditions to provide the best taste and texture possible. Our accompanying menu is authentic, utilizing proven Korean traditional recipes and the freshest of ingredients.

To compliment the authentic quality menu, we pride ourselves on providing a friendly full-service dining experience. Our staff is provided on-going training to ensure they are fluent on our menu and all aspects of customer care.

Our interior is contemporary and unique, using natural elements such as wood, stone and copper, offset with modern materials such as steel and glass.

Our price-point pleasantly surprises first-time visitors as our menu items are offered at value-driven prices.

From groups to family settings, couples to friends, all Maple Tree House guests are provided a friendly comfortable dining setting to enjoy the very best barbeque that Korea has to offer.

We believe the secret to our success is to make very customer a valued guest, and treat them accordingly through our menu, service, interior and price-point.
Our mission is to establish Maple Tree House as one of the most recognizable global brands for premium Korean barbeque.

We will achieve this mission by adhering to our following core beliefs:

  • That quality control is paramount for all aspects of our restaurant operations.
  • Having a family-type relationship with our team members will promote their knowledge, skills and genuine care to radiate to our customers.
  • Promoting “partner relationships” with our suppliers ensures we receive only the best quality meats and ingredients, at cost-effective prices to pass along value to our customers.
  • Our franchise partner’s success is directly connected to our success.
Maple Tree House first opened in 2005 in a small quaint house in Samchong-dong, Seoul, Korea. At first glance, on-lookers were pleasantly surprised that a BBQ restaurant was opening with such a beautiful interior.

Once opened, first-time visitors were quickly impressed with the quality of meats, friendly service and value-pricing. These first-time visitors soon became loyal customers, and the reputation of Maple Tree House began.

Maple Tree House currently operates 3 locations throughout Seoul, and launched international franchise in Makati City, Philippines in 2016 and in Taipei, Taiwan in 2017.

Maple Tree House – Store Opening History
2005 – Samchong-dong, Seoul
2009 – Itaewon, Seoul
2014 – Gangnam Subway Station, Seoul
2016 – Taguig City, Manilla, Philippines (franchise)
2017 - Taipei, Taiwan (franchise)